Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Snow in Texas

It's true!! I woke up this morning to snow. And not just a little. It was coming down thick and hard! I opted to wear my sweatpants to work. We are supposed to get snow all day long. All day!

You want to know the funny part? For the past 2 days, it was so sunny and warm that I wore shorts and t-shirts! I spent most of my day off yesterday outside (I learned to ripstick!! - more details on this later).

Texas weather is truly bipolar.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

From the Coffee Shop...

So to start off with, I wrote part of a blog the other night and saved it as a draft (my first time ever! And not the best idea for me, either...) I just deleted it and am starting from scratch. The other night we played soccer after work again. I kicked the ball hard. Really hard. Like kicked-the-snot-outta-the-ball hard. Instead, I kicked the snot out of the quad muscle in my right leg. It really hurt, but because I am a sucker for sports and not wanting to be a weenie, I kept playing. For another hour. When am I ever going to learn? I couldn't run - I was doing some weird hopping thing. I felt useless (except for my few stellar defensive plays and the goal I scored ;) ) and my leg HURT...but I kept playing. That was a few days ago, and my leg still hurts. Still doesn't feel right. But it isn't the knife-lodged-in-my-muscle feeling anymore.

On another note, it should be no surprise to anyone who knows me that I love music. And that I go through obsessive phases with certain artists or certain genres. Sometimes those phases last for months. Or years. Or have never ever gone away. Right now, I am still fascinated with Trace Bundy and all Trace Bundy-esque music. I can listen to his Adapt CD over and over (3rd time in less than 24 hours right now..!!!). Check out his mad skills here. In fact, my favorite Pandora radio station is none other than my Trace Bundy Station.

My other musical obsession of late? I mentioned it last week, but "I See You" by Leona Lewis is still fantastical. Still listen to it multiple times a day. In fact, last night I moseyed over to the iTunes store to purchase that song because listening to it over and over in my office just isn't enough - I want to have it with me EVERYWHERE I GO. But alas! The only way to purchase the song was to purchase the entire Avatar soundtrack/score. I listened to snippets of a few of the songs and debated for all of .47339 second before clicking "Purchase Album". I am generally a pretty big fan of movie scores anyway, and this one sounded pretty good, and it was the ONLY way I could get that song...so now I am the nerdy loser-face proud owner of the Avatar soundtrack.

But I got my song :)

And I can sing it as loud as I want to in my shower.

Anytime I want. :D

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Note to self - NEVER take a Benadryl in the morning. EVER.

I have some little small itchy bumps on my finger that have been around for a few days and have been getting on my nerves, so this morning I decided it was time to solve the problem by taking one benadryl and putting some cortizone cream on it.

As a result of my brilliant decision, the entire day I have felt extremely drugged. So tired (like fall over and get my keyboard imprinted on my face tired), and really dizzy. I have been on a carnival ride all day long, my friends!

Just one benadryl. One tiny little pink and white capsule.

HORRIBLE idea!! And so pathetic, I might add...

I even took a nap* when I got home from work today...to no avail!

On a slightly less medicinal note, Matt is at Redcloud this week for his WFR recert. He got there today and I have to say that I am so jealous. He gets to be with so many people I love dearly - gets to hang out with them, laugh with them, and just be with them! And I don't. And it makes me really sad. I also miss the place, too. Who wouldn't miss a beautiful, snow covered mountain valley?? I can't wait to hear every little detail when we talk tonight.

And maybe soon I will give you a real update on what is going on in my life, other than just random snippets from day to day. Maybe.

*I suck at taking naps. I try really hard. But most of the time I just lay there in some weird not-awake-yet-not-sleeping state. And then I get up more tired than ever and a tad bit frustrated that I am exhausted but didn't sleep.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Just for kicks and giggles

Another post in one night! Take that, unmotivated blogger-self!!!

What the heck am I going to write about when I have already said that I am tired and can't think straight and hurt all over? Well....

there is this one song

that was the ending credit song to a certain movie

which may or may not be called AVATAR.


It's called "I See You" and it's by Leona Lewis. I have been listening to it over and over at top volume on my computer (which, it's a HUGE mac and has some pretty decent volume!).

I am officially obsessed.

I am having a hard time convincing myself that I NEED to go to bed because I am tired.

I can't seem to stop myself from pressing that "play" button for probably at least the 10th time this evening.

I swear this is the last time.

Until tomorrow starts it all over again.


I know, I know...

I said I would do better at this blogging thing, and it hasn't taken me very long to do a terrible horrible job on that. I read blogs fairly often - pretty much every day! I even go to my page first to read them. And then I think about blogging. And I think of how I should write another soon. And what I should blog about. But it never happens. See, here's the deal - my schedule is so full all the time! What with a full time job, Bible studies, and skype dates every night, I don't have a lot of time to come in to the office to blog. Yeah, I don't have internet in my apartment so if I want to do anything, I have to do it in the office - boo!

So we played soccer after work today. This is actually a pretty common occurrence, I just have never joined in before. I get really self conscious because I haven't really ever played soccer before. Unless you count the one time I played with my younger cousins who play soccer for their schools. And that other time in Mexico with some kiddos there. But other than that, I have no history with soccer except being a complete failure at it in PE in elementary school (you know, where you don't actually play soccer, they just teach you to "dribble" the ball with your feet). But it was really fun! I am super sore because I have lots of joint problems and those totally get worse when you play soccer for over an hour in low 40 degree weather. But it was ridiculously fun. I don't really have the energy right now to go into detail.

Oh, and I joined the Tmobile network and got a blackberry which WORKS OUT AT CAMP! That is totally awesome. Totally! It uses the wi-fi connection to send and receive calls and texts. Unfortunately, because I don't have internet in my house, I can't use my phone there. Yet.

Now I have a date with Matt!!!
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