Tuesday, 5 August 2008


today is my dad's birthday! 55! woo!!! anyway, we watched a family favorite after dinner - ROCKETMAN! seriously, this movie makes me laugh so hard!

anyway, the movie got me thinking a bit. you see, after i went to paris last summer, i have thought about it almost every single day. i miss everything about france. it is so strange how just one week can affect me so profoundly! i loved every minute there, and now at least once a day i think about going back. but in movies and in photos, i see images of france and paris, and i think "i have been there!" and then i think about how cool it is that i have been there.

so, i wonder how astronauts feel when they see images of space. do they say, "hey, i've been there!!!" and what about the astronauts who have been on the moon? do they look up into the night sky and think, "oh my goodness, i walked on that tiny white shiny thing in the sky!!" how surreal must that sensation be! to look at the moon; to be able to see it every night from every place in the world, and know that once upon a time, you walked upon that globe. i bet that is one stragely awesome feeling!

and how cool must it be to tell their kids, "hey, you see the moon? once upon a time, i walked on that. i was there!"

ohhhh my goodness, that must be SO cool!
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