Thursday, 25 March 2010

In One Week

I can eat whatever I want.

I hope I don't get incredibly sick.

I have had no meat.

Hardly had any sugar.

No greasy foods.

No fried foods.

Ohhh boy.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Rice and Beans

Well, it's about time I post about rice and beans again, eh? I must confess this month has been a challenge, but it has been a really valuable learning experience! It has been 20 full days of eating almost nothing but rice and beans (I am 2/3 of the way through!). I have allowed myself to eat some fruit (mostly apples and oranges - nothing extravagant) so that I don't completely starve my body of the nutrients it was so used to getting every single day before March 1!!

The first week of rice and beans month was the hardest. But in that first week, I had a bunch of other people out here at camp doing it with me! Not long after the first couple of days, 2 of them quit. The one family that was doing it did it just for 2 weeks as opposed to the whole month (but that had been their plan the whole time). So as of now, there is only one other person doing it with me - and he is going on a canoe trip this week where he has to eat other foods, so I will pretty much be all alone! It's a bit more difficult when you are the only one.

After the first week, things got a lot easier. I got used to smelling delicious foods and not getting to taste them. I got used to watching other people eat scrumptious foods and then going back to my house after they ate and heating up my rice and beans. And it is so much easier now than it was the first time around!!

I am amazed that I am not totally sick of rice and beans by now. But I'm not! I still really like them! I haven't really had a whole lot of variety - I purchased several different kinds of beans but have only made pinto beans and lentils up to this point. I think a large part of that is I forget to soak the beans overnight and so I just don't cook them. But it is weird - I do look forward to my rice and beans!

As of last weekend, I have lost 7 pounds. I don't know where I lost it from, but I'm not complaining!

And don't get me wrong, I am totally looking forward to eating "normal" foods again. I am looking forward to eating WITH other people and not by myself. I am looking forward to cooking tasty foods again! And I have some recipes I can't wait to try!

10 days. The countdown is ON!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

And where does the time go? Seriously!!!

As most of you know, Matt and I are engaged! I can't even tell you how excited and how happy I am to get to spend the rest of my life with him! I very much look forward to the day when I can see him every day and when I can do ordinary, everyday things with him and enjoy it!

He proposed last Sunday (March 7) and picked out an incredibly beautiful ring!

Can you tell how excited we are? And look at that ring! (But don't look at the fingernails!)
SO happy!

Meet Matt, my FIANCE!


So ever since then, life has been crazy! We are getting married in August and so we have a lot to do before then!! I saw a commercial on tv for David's Bridal last Monday, and my mom and I went there and found a dress! But then I went back to camp, started looking at the pictures of my 2 favorite dresses, and started second-guessing my choice. I got really frustrated with myself, but I have an appointment tonight to go back and try them both on to make a final decision. I hope it is super clear to me which dress I should pick!

Based on which dress I pick, I have the bridesmaids dresses picked out already, too! Matt and I just have to finalize the colors. We are pretty sure we want brown and green, we just have to figure out which shades of those colors we want.

Everything else is totally foreign to me. I don't know where I want to get married. I don't know who I want to officiate it. I don't know what time we should have it. I don't know what our reception should be like. I would really like to figure out location and time and I feel like everything else is a smaller decision that is less...important? Or maybe not less important, but less pressing.

Anyone have any advice for me??

Monday, 8 March 2010

Rice and Beans

Well, I am now on the 8th day of rice and beans month. It has been quite an experience already! The first couple of days was difficult - everytime I would eat, I found myself hungry about an hour after I finished a meal. Then it got easier, and I was really enjoying the rice and lentils that I was eating over and over again.

But on Saturday, we had a retreat group. And racers. Those people aren't doing rice and beans month. Those people are doing eat-whatever-wonderfully-delicious-foods-I-want month. And believe me, their food smelled wonderfully delicious! Meredith, the kitchen manager, is a magician in the kitchen - I am pretty sure she makes the best camp food on the planet. And kitchen magician Meredith was cooking all the meals for the retreat and the racers.

Lunch was pizza. And some sort of cheesy garlic bread. As they ate it, it looked so SOFT and so CHEESY and it smelled SO GOOD. I watched them eat it as I thought of the rice and beans I would be eating as soon as they were done with their meal.

Dinner was some crazy pasta combination with bacon and chicken and cheese and who knows what other delicious ingredients. And there were breadsticks. And dessert was my favorite kind of cookie - white chocolate macadamian nut. It was so much harder than I could have imagined! I was ravenously hungry and REALLY wanting to just eat it all.

Now that the group is gone and the kitchen magic is temporarily on hold, I am not struggling near as much. I really like rice. A lot. And I have discovered that I really like lentils. And I like beans, but not the ones I cooked. I must have done something wrong, because I don't like them much at all!

The rest of the month will be quite a challenge - there are tons of people coming through camp. And lots of kitchen magic going on. But I am determined to make it! I want to stay strong and follow through on this commitment. I feel like if for no other reason, just to stand with my brothers and sisters in Christ in East Africa. They deserve it.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Lame title, I know. I don't think I should have to come up with titles. It's worse than coming up with a title for a paper.

Anyway, last week we had some campers here from a school for kids with learning differences. In order to prepare for the group, we watched this. Seriously, I think it was the best preparation we could have had. Most of the kids that were here could be his clones. It was HILARIOUS. Don't get me wrong, though! I totally loved every minute of it and they were wonderful kids! It was a really good couple of days!

After the fabulous flock of Freds left on Friday, Matt and I headed out to YO for the weekend. We cooked some incredibly delicious chicken alfredo (from scratch, including the sauce!), and then watched our favorite show, NCIS. I saw his house for the first time, and immediately panicked because OH MY GOSH what kind of germs and diseases and alien creatures have been living and multiplying in this house before you got here (and continue to do so as we stand here)?!!!?? We had to put a sheet over the chairs before I would even sit on them to watch a movie. I mean, who knows what kind of things are on those things? Or what kind of little strange life-forms live within the fibers of the upholstery??! Matt also labeled me as a germophobe.*

Saturday was great - we met my mom in Kerrville for lunch and then ran some errands, which included picking up roughly $683 billion worth of cleaning supplies (YAY!), Matt getting his first cell phone ever (iphone!), and getting drinks at Sonic before heading back to YO. And I must say, I cherished that strawberry slush from Sonic, because it was my last until April. In fact, upon arriving back to camp, I have simply eaten rice and beans.

For the entire month of March, I will eat primarily rice and beans (different varieties, and some veggies mixed in...some...and maybe a piece of fruit or two).

Why, you ask? The best explanation can be pulled from their website:

We are choosing to take on this challenge for the following reasons:

  1. SOLIDARITY: We are standing with our brothers and sisters in East Africa who live on limited incomes and who can only afford simple meals like Rice & Beans.
  2. SIMPLICITY: Those of us who live in wealthier nations often eat for pleasure and eat in excess. We are going to eat a nutritious and simple meal to give up on wasteful consumption.
  3. SHARING: We choose to simplify and stand in solidarity in order to share with our brothers and sisters. We are asking you to look at your food budget for the month and give whatever you would have spent on your food for that month to the kids living in our East Africa partnerships.
I am pretty excited about it, but I know it will be challenging. I mean, the first night, I dreamt of pork chops! I am excited about what I will learn and how I will be challenged. I am excited about what God is going to teach me through this, and how He is going to use it to change things in me both now and later. If you are interested and want to learn more, check out their website.

On that note, I have just finished my yoga workout for the day, and I am going to go cook my rice and beans for dinner before heading off to Bible study!

*Matt: "You are a total germophobe."
Me: "Only with certain things!!!"
Matt: "Like germs?"
Me. "......"
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