Sunday, 19 February 2012


As time continually slips away from me, I have become quite a different blogger than I was at this time last year.  In fact, there isn't much now that is the same as it was at this time last year.  While I would love to be able to say that my blogging change is one in which I have gained more readers, improved my writing skills, and gained a full understanding of my writing style, that would not be true.  In fact, I have blogged so little that at times, even if I do find myself with a spare moment, I am completely unsure of how to begin.

Which is pretty much how today started out.  But I'm attempting nonetheless.

It has been a busy month and a half.  I had a birthday.  I had Orange Leaf for the first time (and the second...and the third...and then maybe again...).  I got in a pretty large dispute with T-Mobile and won.  I joined my husband's phone plan and jumped on the smart phone bandwagon.  I got certified to be a Zumba instructor.  I got tested for Celiac and the test came back negative (which is both good and bad).  Valentines day came and went, and I still have the chocolate to prove it.  I went to the rodeo with someone who had never been before, which I learned is a completely hilarious experience.  I forgot how old I was and could not figure it out for at least a full 30 seconds.  I choreographed and taught my first song at a Zumba class (with less than 15 hours warning, mind you) and enjoyed it.

Even though so much has happened, I still find it incredibly difficult to believe that February is almost over.  I could swear I just put up the October calendar in my classroom, and in less than two weeks, I'll be changing it to March.  How does that even happen?!

Speaking of classrooms, teaching is still going well.  I really hit a snag around Christmas break - I was just so exhausted from burning the candle at both ends all the time.  I wasn't sure how much more I could handle on my own, and I was overwhelmed.  I'm not really sure what changed, but the school year keeps chugging right along, and so do I.  I absolutely love my students, and I am so proud of their accomplishments.  I can't believe that some of them will be finished with middle school in just a few short months and then will be moving to high school!  It's unreal.

Tomorrow is a school holiday, and I will be spending at least half of my day at the doctor's office getting tested for a fructose intolerance (I haven't mentioned that I've been having stomach issues for the past year, have I?).  If that comes back negative, I have no clue what else it could be, since gluten has been ruled out.  On one hand, I want my issues to stem from a fructose intolerance, because then we can put a name on it and it's not scary.  And there is a way to deal with it.  But on the other hand, a fructose intolerance would severely limit my diet and I would have to part with some of my favorite food groups.  All in all, I would rather give up certain foods forever and ever amen than have cancer.

So there's my past two months in a nutshell.  It's felt good to write.  Au revoir.
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