Thursday, 31 January 2008

now is most definitely one of those times

sometimes i just wish i could quit people.

now is one of those times.

sometimes i just really don't like people. at all.

now is one of those times.

sometimes i just lose all my faith in people.

now is one of those times.

Monday, 28 January 2008

the night my toilet went crazy

so tonight was definitely an adventure. all day today my toilet has been sounding a little bit runny, but when i came back from hope group at 9, it sounded like niagra falls had been relocated to my bathroom. heather attempted to stop it (she is quite skilled with toilets), but for some reason, tonight it was even more rebellious than usual and began spewing water an entire foot into the air. that's right, an entire foot! it was INSANE! so it being us, we started laughing hysterically and began to frantically call our landlady and the maintenance man. supposedly we are supposed to page him for a maintenance emergency, but we have not heard a thing from him or the landlady. what use are they if they don't answer during a maintenance emergency (specifically an exploding toilet)?!?! finally i called my good buddy adam and he instructed me to do some things which made it stop freaking out - i owe him my sanity!! it's not completely fixed, but it's good to know i will most likely not be waking up to an exploding toilet in the morning (or the middle of the night, for that matter...)

on another note, heather bought some lip stuff for cold sores, and put it all over her lips believing it was to be used as a preventative chapstick. unfortunately, it was supposed to be applied only to a cold most definitely had numbing agent in it! so she told me, and of course i take it from her and put it all over my lips for a good laugh. needless to say, we had a really good laugh at our numb lips for quite a while! :)

Sunday, 27 January 2008

disciple now

this weekend got off to a bit of a rough start - i worked from 6-2:30 on friday, and then as soon as i got off work i ran home, changed clothes, and then audrey and i headed to houston for dnow. we got to the church one hour before the kiddos got there, so it was a bit hectic, and i learned that my group would be the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade girls. oh goodness. the weekend was full of girls who ate more than their weight in spaghetti, hot dogs, donuts, cookies, and every form of high fructose corn syrup possible. they then proceeded to have burping contests and farting wars. they also made sure to exercise their voices by screaming as loud as possible as much as possible. to be honest, i didn't mind except these things didn't quite stop when we were having Bible study or when we were supposed to be sleeping. overall it was a really good weekend, and i enjoyed it a lot. it's difficult to be a Bible study leader for a group of girls knowing that i am in one of those proverbial "valleys" - i guess i just don't feel like i should be leading anyone or anything when i am feeling distant or struggling. who knows. because i am used to being a counselor type person for an entire week, it's odd to only have a group for a weekend - it's just so short!

the wonderful thing in all of it is, even though i feel distant (or at times just don't feel anything at all) and am dealing with a lot of things, i know God is still good and He still loves me. i know He won't leave me, and i know i am not alone in it all. and i know these things to be true, even if i don't feel it.

and now, i am about to pass out from serious lack of sleep. :)

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

and the concept of love is so hard to grasp why???

God has taught me a lot about love over the past year or so, and i have learned so much about loving people. honestly, i have learned to love others - or at least i have improved. i am not saying by any means that i have perfected the art, but i have most certainly progressed! one key thing that i have learned from my pastor, butch (such a heart for the Lord!) is that i have to love others as they want to be loved, not how i want to love them. this is quite challenging because as humans, it only makes sense to us to love others the way we want to love them - often the way we want to be loved. but this is almost always not the way they want to be loved! it's as my friend adam says - it's simple, but it's not easy!

enter new challenge: letting others love me. who would have thought this would be harder than loving others?! but to be honest, i had no idea that i had such a difficult time letting others love me. as of now, i am still very unsure of how this works - i feel this will be even harder than the first lesson. but i guess that makes sense.

i encourage ya'll to love each other as Christ calls us to love - selflessly and wholly, no strings attached. i also encourage ya'll to encourage each other, cuz let's be honest...this is hard! but as walt disney once said - keep moving forward!
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