Thursday, 12 February 2009

new job!

well folks, i guess it's about time for me to let you know what is going on here at my new job! amazingly, i have internet in my cabin (although it is extremely slow and i am limited in things i can do with it, but it IS internet!) and here i sit on my top bunk writing this.

monday i woke up at 4:15 and got the final things done before heading to the airport at 5. i flew into denver and then had a connecting flight to colorado springs, where sarah picked me up. we then made a 5 hour drive in about 8.5 hours, and made it to camp right as it was getting dark! it was good, though, because we got to know each other and so i already had a buddy coming into camp. we had a rough time making it over monarch pass - we made it on the third try, after we went back into town and bought chains for her tires! once we got here, we learned our cabin assignment and moved all our stuff in, and me being the person that i am, i had to unpack and organize everything right away! i thought i had brought a lot of stuff, but honestly compared to these other girls i have NOTHING. it's kinda funny, really.

everything is SO BEAUTIFUL HERE! we are in a valley in the san juan mountains, and everything is covered in snow. beautiful, white, fluffy, sparkly snow! the trees are massive, and there are mountains on all sides. it truly is breath-taking. i often find myself just standing and staring at the beauty that surrounds me. it just makes me stand in awe of God and His majesty! it is just so incredible!

i have had a lot of fun already. as usual, i think almost everything is funny, so i spend most of my time laughing. it definitely helps that everyone here is pretty funny! i have been snowshoeing 2 times, and it is so fun! tomorrow we are mountain biking - the high is not even going to reach 30 and it will be snowing all day! ahhh!!! i am really nervous about it (if you have ever seen me on a bike in dry conditions, you will know why).

this job is also a lot more physically demanding than any other job i have had before, and that actually is saying a lot! when i worked at eagle, it was a very physically demanding job, but even that was not as rough as this job! i think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the atmosphere is so much thinner here and so when i breathe i don't get as much oxygen and i get tired more quickly. the hike we did today (snowshoeing) was really difficult for me, but by God's grace i made it through. i prayed for most of the way, and concentrated on moving one step forward at a time.

one thing to be especially thankful for is the fellowship and community here. i know i can trust the people here (and they have proved it through several initiatives, too!) and we just have a good time. every morning we are taking the time to hang out and be intentional about truly getting to know each other. each morning we hear one or 2 testimonies of the other OE (outdoor education) staff (depending on time constraints)'s just so great! and pretty much every night we eat dinner at different full time staff houses. it's great!

i am also thankful that i have not had any problems adjusting to the altitude. i have not had any problems with headaches or altitude sickness, which is incredible! however, i do have trouble sleeping at night, which i have heard is pretty common. also, this morning i woke up with a nosebleed, but that is it. so much to be thankful for!

there is a lot of stuff that i need prayer for right now, too. please pray that i just lean on God and continually seek Him. pray that i seek opportunities to serve others and then follow through on them. pray that i have a good attitude about the difficult activities (like mountain biking) and about the really cold weather. pray that God protects me (and the other OE staff) against illness and injury. also pray that God protects the OE staff from satan and dissention...that He would bind us tightly and deeply. pray that we would all give the students our all...for each group and each student. also please pray that God directs my future - i am undecided as to whether or not i will stay here past may.

i will do my best to keep ya'll posted! i miss ya'll, and i miss texas, but i do love colorado and i am so blessed to have a job where i live in the mountains and get to share the love of the Lord with public school kids!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

my old job

today was my last day at the heb.

i am done.

this is the first time i walked away knowing that i am officially no longer an employee of mr. butt. because this time, unlike the other times, i actually quit instead of going on a leave of absence.

it's a good feeling. different, but good.

it has finally hit me that i really am moving. it takes longer for things to really sink in with me, and so here i am 6 days before flying to start a new chapter of my life in a different state, and i am finally starting to grasp what that means. yesterday i mailed 3 packages to my new home because it was actually cheaper than taking checked baggage with me - yikes! i am equally terrified and excited. and i think both emotions are due to the fact that i am stepping out into a completely new place and i don't really know what to expect.

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