Thursday, 26 June 2008

for ali

and because i am so sick of studying botany.

i could probably throw up whole plants and giant algae formations right now.

be kind, this is completely embarassing.

but i am tired of botany.

and what better to cure it than singing?!?!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

reminding myself

i reminded myself today that i enjoy drawing! sure, i doodle all the time in class (it helps me pay attention..!!!) today i got a text from heather that said "i want to have a harry potter nite. and watch them all." of course i love this suggestion, but there is no way we can watch them all! however, me being the procrastinator that i am, i decide that making a sign for our front door (announcing the harry potter party, of course) is much more important than reading the 2 chapters of botany i have!!!! i set off to find a good logo that i can study and draw, sketch the title, and then draw a snitch and color it all in.

it was in doing this that i remembered - hey, i like to draw! i used to be good at this once! my brother loves art, too, but he is more imaginitive in his art, and i am more...i don't know. i can draw things i see, but i don't usually think up very many fascinating things to draw on my own. i think it's because i pay so much attention to detail that i am able to replicate things. and this is what i drew this afternoon:

and here is what heather saw when she walked in the door from work:

someday i would like to be able to draw most things well, instead of things other people have drawn first.

and on a completely unrelated but most certainly necessary note:

i saw a fireman playing the bagpipes at the firestation today.

not a show.

he was just walking around playing the bagpipes at the station.


it was awesome :)

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


i honestly believe that music is one of the greatest gifts God ever gave to man.

music can touch the soul in a way no words can.

perhaps music is in itself a language.

music can embody one emotion or a thousand emotions at one time, and not lessen the value or intensity of those emotions.

music can move us to laughter or to tears without us really even knowing why.

i think there are parts deep down in each of us that know what God intended when He created us. i think we know He intended nothing but the purest, most innocent, selfless, joyful, rapturous world, in which love abounded and all was good. i think because this was the way God intended it, our souls still suffer when we realize how far this world has fallen from the paradise that God initially created.

some songs, musical pieces if you will, move in me and make me believe that it is still possible. some arise a new hope in my heart that it will one day be returned to its prior state (and we know that eventually, things will be perfect!).

some songs make me feel brave and adventurous! some songs make me sad in a happy way, if that even makes sense. some songs make me want to fly off to another world! i love how music makes me feel!

close your eyes and really listen to these songs (seriously, don't watch the videos - most of them are kinda lame, but the songs are beautiful). tell me how the music makes you feel!

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