Sunday, 25 September 2011

Wisdom Teeth, ADD, and Projects on a Whim

Greetings!  I am pleased to report that this weekend has been a success on many levels.  Grading went much more quickly, as did preparing for this coming week.  Matt and I were able to do a lot of things that needed to be done for a long time but had been buried under all the other to-dos.  And I even got to read for fun!  Winning.

I have so many things drifting through my mind, just waiting to be written and processed.  However, I know if I write about everything that is on my mind, this post will become a complete and total example of word vomit and will be absolutely unreadable.  Last time I left off by mentioning a few things I might want to write about, so I'm going to use that as a rough outline for this post.  Ish.

Matt had his wisdom teeth out last Friday, and aside from slurred words and blank stares for a few hours, he really didn't do anything outrageous or ridiculously funny.  He didn't even get the obligatory chipmunk cheeks!  I was a little disappointed about that - I wanted pictures.  But you know, that means he healed well and stuff, so I guess that's good...and stuff.

One thing that Matt and I are doing this fall is taking the Financial Peace University class at our church.  We are very blessed to not have any debt, but we want to be as wise with our money as possible.  The classes are really difficult for me to sit through, as I am unable to focus for that long (the class is 2 hours long, and it is right after we have been sitting in church for 1.25 hrs).  In college, I solved that problem by doodling.  Somehow, it really helps me to focus better.  So I bring scrap paper to class and doodle, and voila!  I am paying attention like a normal adult.  Who doodles haunted houses and furry monsters.


Oh, and I tried my second ever "project" off of Pinterest.  The first idea I ever copied off of Pinterest was to glue buttons to bobby pins.  It worked fantastically, and I love my button bobby pins.  But today, I tried something a little bit more iffy.  As in, you know gluing buttons to bobby pins will work but you don't know if what you are about to do will actually work...or if its some hoax so internet bullies will point and laugh at your epic craftiness fail.

Someone had pinned a site that mentioned VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are a component of household fragrance products (like plug-ins) and they are dangerous to your health.  So they came up with a more natural alternative - to use essential oils in the empty plug-in containers!  Matt and I marched into the aisle at HEB containing such things and selected two essential oils that we really liked - jasmine and clove.  I followed the instructions on the website and I really think it worked!  Our room smells like jasmine, and I feel better knowing that it really is just essential oil and water in there.  Nothing added.  Now, I really have no clue if the VOC thing is made up or not, but either way, I like the more "green", natural way best.

In fact, I still have about 45 more minutes before I want to fall asleep, so I am going to into my jasmine-y room and read.  Sounds relaxing, yes?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

In All Honesty

I'm big on honesty.  I'm big on being direct and upfront and getting it all out there.  Most of the time.  Except for with myself.

I've told myself over and over again that I will NOT neglect my blog and I WILL write because it's good for me and I enjoy it.  But I haven't been honest with myself, because I clearly HAVE been neglecting my blog and I have NOT written.

It's not that I don't want to.  It's more like...I can't.  I literally always have so much to do that writing on a regular basis is a laughable idea.  Doing anything other than schoolwork all the time is a stretch.

The transition from non-working to working again has been interesting.  At first when we lost our jobs, it was like the vacation that we really needed but never got at our previous workplace.  It kinda helped that it was around Christmastime and you always get a vacation then, anyway.

As time went on, I began to seek healing and restoration - those wounds were deep and did not heal quickly.  I was able to spend so much time in the Word and in prayer.  I was able to read books that assisted me in identifying some issues and eventually resolving them.  And my schedule was free enough for me to seek counseling.

Then I began to form a routine.  It was like being a stay at home wife, and I liked it (for the most part).  I knew how to keep myself busy and productive.  Most of my time was spent looking for a job, and the rest of my time was spent doing housewifey-type things like menu planning, grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning.  I was able to keep my blog updated often and I read a million books (PS - I'm a huge bookworm).  I wrote handwritten letters to my friends and was consistent about it!

Now that I have a job, those things just aren't possible anymore.  At least not all of them.  I am glad to be working again, and I am glad to feel as if I have purpose again.  It's nice to be productive and to be contributing to something.  Sometimes I miss being able to do all those other things, and I miss the slower pace of that lifestyle.  But, like I said before, I'm glad to be working again.

Teaching is a funny job.  I'm discovering things about my students and I'm discovering new things about myself.  It's a constant refining process for all of us, I think.

There are some other things that I could be honest about right now, but I feel like it's time to bring this post to a close.  Perhaps next time I'll tell you about Matt's wisdom teeth surgery, our new dog, Financial Peace University, and why this Fall is just so different.  Until then, may your pillows be soft, your blankets be snuggly, and your faces full of smiles.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Hello.  My name is Lauren.  ("Hi Lauren.")  And I'm a workaholic.  I think I've known this deep down inside for...ever.  It really started showing when I did my student teaching semester and I spent every day at the school from 7:30 AM - 5 (or later) PM and then came home and worked on school until I went to sleep at 9:30.  I also spent most of my weekends grading and preparing all. day. long.

Then I worked at Redcloud as an Outdoor Educator.  You work crazy hours with that kind of job anyway (beginning anywhere from 2:30-7 AM and ending anywhere from 9PM to...the end of the week, depending on the group [some groups you were with 24/7]).  Even when I was technically "done" or "off", I would go looking for someone who needed help doing something.  You need help in the kitchen?  I'm there.  Need help cleaning up after dinner?  Okay.  What about in the office?  No problem.

THEN I went to Camp Eagle.  My work weeks ranged between the 45-70 hour mark, sometimes topping even that.  Many weekends (especially in the Fall and Spring) I spent my weekends arriving at work before the sun and getting home between 10PM-1AM to make sure everything was going alright (some weekdays, too).

Control freak, perfectionist, workaholic.

I'm noticing the same trend as I work at the school.  Technically?  I'm part time.  But really?  I average about 60 hours a week.  Part of this (a large part) is due to the fact that it is my first year teaching this subject to these grade levels.  Though I have some great (wonderful, awesome, fantastic, saintly!) friends who have shared their materials and wisdom with me, I still have to write a lot of my own materials and design the labs and lesson plans.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not complaining.  I knew what I was getting myself into and I really like this so far!  Alls I'm trying to say here is that...well, maybe the reason I'm sick is because I don't stop.  (Oh, PS - I'm sick.  Did you know?)  It wouldn't be the first time.  And I'm definitely saying that the reason I've neglected this blog is because I choose to spend my time working instead.  (What can I say?  Lots to do!)

I do think this blog is important.  I enjoy writing a lot, and I know that in the future, I will love looking back at the things I've written and then laughing and shaking my head at my ridiculous self.  And I know that though most of you guys aren't dying to see a new post pop up from me all the time, some of you really do enjoy keeping up with me via this here blog-fangled contraption.

So I'll try to post more frequently.  I will.  I'll try.  I'll think about it?  NO!  I will.
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