Tuesday, 26 January 2010

On how I am all of a sudden a hardcore athlete, and how peer pressure STILL works

Yesterday after work, Josh, Stacie, Meredith, and I all went on a bike ride. We rode about 5 miles and it was pretty cool. But I always get so freaked out about riding bikes. I think I suck at it, but really I don't. I am actually decent at it. I know when and how to switch gears. I know what gears to use on what kind of terrain. I even know how to adjust my sitting position according to the terrain I am on and speed I am going. I think my main fear is just that I am going to fall. Crash. Get hurt. Break bones. Because that's something that I am REALLY good at. I mean, I'm a PRO. Thankfully, I didn't crash at all. In fact, everything went super smoothly and wonderfully and I was imagining myself as a hardcore mountain biker impressing everyone with my mad skills. And as our bike ride came to a close, we JUMPED IN THE RIVER. ON PURPOSE. That was even more crazy than my wild dreams of being an off-road triathlete. I wasn't going to do it. I really wasn't. But Meredith made me. I was able to resist Stacie and Josh, but Meredith pushed me over the edge ("Lauren, you are going to regret it if you don't do it. You will be the ONLY ONE who didn't do it!"). As we stood on the dam I had 3 announcements before we jumped in: 1) I am really scared of big fish which live in river weed, so 2) I am really scared of river weed, which there is a lot of right here, and 3) I really have to pee, so....I probably will when I hit the water. Holding hands, we all counted to 3 and jumped. And boy howdy was that water cold.

Thankfully, I got to take a hot shower right after (well, right after I rode my bike back up to my house from where we were on the river and took off my soaking wet shoes and clothes) and put on Matt's sweatshirt (which totally eats me alive and is therefore very warm). However, when you have been working out and your muscles get all warm, jumping into a really cold river does not make said muscles very happy with you. In fact, it does the exact opposite. By the end of the night, all the muscles and joints in my legs were screaming very mean things to me. I opted out of taking any pain pills just to let my body take care of itself, and I went to bed.

So it should be no surprise that due to my naive fantasies about being a hardcore outdoor athlete and screaming muscles, I was also a hardcore athlete in my dream. Last night, I ran a 50 mile race. And I might add, I didn't train beforehand and I didn't walk at all! I am SO AWESOME! I remember the pain in my joints and my muscles in my legs as I ran. And then somehow in my sleep I realized that I was not, in fact, running a 50 mile race, nor was I hardcore, but my legs were still sore from the bike ride. The 5 mile bike ride. Which...means that I am not only NOT a hardcore outdoor athlete but I am also a complete and total wuss.

So now I am going to go to some Tae-Bo with my good friend Billy Blanks.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Hawks for Jesus

Yesterday a man from the Birds of Prey Conservatory in San Antonio came to camp to educate the school group on...birds of prey. It was really cool! We got to see hawks (2) and a barn owl, a horned owl, and a tiny horned owl that is only 6 inches high when it is full grown! We also got to see a vulture and a bald eagle! The hawks flew around our heads and we had a jolly good time.

I think my favorite part about the whole thing was when the first hawk (a bay winged hawk) landed on the cross in the pavilion that is suspended above the stage. The representative from BOP exclaimed "HAWKS FOR JESUS!"

The school group was Jewish.

Monday, 11 January 2010


So it has been a while since my last post. What with Christmas and then being back at camp for 3 days and then flying to PA for New Years and roadtripping back down a week later and being back out at camp again I have been BUSY! But things are slowing down.

Christmas was good and I am thoroughly enjoying all the gifts I got - especially the books! I got the Wrinkle in Time quintet by Madeline L'Engle and I also got the Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis. Oh, and Matt got me the 4th book of Ted Dekker's Circle series. So I am really enjoying my free time these days!

I flew up to PA for New Years and that was great. I got delayed in Newark (yeah, the airport where there was a huge security breach...but that was after I was there) for a few hours but made it to PA safe and sound. Matt greeted me at the airport with a rose! New Years at his cousin's house was good - I was ridiculously tired (running on 3 hours of sleep) and still sick (yay for having a cold). PS, flying with a head cold is PAINFUL!!! I stayed with Matt's mom and her family, so that was good - I really enjoyed spending time with them and getting to know them. I was pretty quiet, though...I guess I was kinda shy around them!

So now Matt has made his big move halfway across the country to be in Texas! I got to show him around Eagle some yesterday - I showed him the rock site and some of our high ropes, and then took him to the lookout so he could see camp from up high. It was good!

This week is going to be busy - we are hosting a school group and will be doing lots of fun things! I am helping teach the geology lesson and we are going caving each time, so I will be spending a good bit of my week in a cave! Woo hoo!!!

But for now, I am going to have a skype date with Matt who is now 2 hours away instead of 27! :D
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