Monday, 11 March 2013

Spring Break

Ahhhh.  It is finally Spring Break.  And this break is much needed.  I have been looking forward to this.  And as I type, I realize that when I say "this", I don't just mean this week of vacation.  For sure that, but I have also been looking forward to Spring.  And daylight savings time.  And warmer weather.  Something about the sound of birds singing coupled with the smell of mountain laurels and sunshine in the air makes my heart so full of happiness that it could burst.

I can't believe how quickly the school year is flying by.  But isn't it that way every year?  Once you pass Christmas break, someone somewhere pushes a warp-speed button and before you know it, it's Easter and then your 8th graders are graduating.  CRA-ZY.

I made a decision yesterday about today...and a few other days this week.  I decided that I would allow myself to rest.  This is hard for me.  I run myself ragged with a million commitments, and when I have a break from school, I don't let myself rest.  What do I do instead?  Clean.  Organize.  Cook.  Bake.  Clean and organize some more.  Professional development.  Conferences.  Workshops.  Choreograph new Zumba songs.  Learn new Zumba routines.  I don't let myself just sit and read a book.  Or sit and write a blog.

But something has made me realize how desperately I need some rest every once in a while.

I got up with Matt this morning and brushed my teeth as he got dressed.  We had our devotion together, and when he walked out the door for work at 7:30, I went back to bed for 2 hours.  Normally, I would be up doing laundry, researching better teaching practices and awesome lesson plans, or deep cleaning the kitchen.  But today I went back to bed.  Heck - I might even take a nap today, too!

I'll admit, after I had breakfast and prepped dinner (yay crockpot meals!), I did clean the kitchen.  But when clutter makes you anxious, getting it taken care of is therapeutic.  After that, I caught up on my blogs.  Now I'm writing a blog (almost unheard of these days) and I will read a book FOR FUN when I am finished.

Sure, tomorrow I will go up to school and work some.  Sure, I'll still choreograph some new routines (I have some really great songs in mind!).  Sure, I'm still going to probably deep clean the apartment.  But I'm going to allow myself to rest most of the time.  I'm exited!
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