Saturday, 26 September 2009


Hello all! I am really excited because fall weather is HERE TO STAY! Seriously, it is so gorgeous here! The highs are usually in the 50s or 60s, it is gorgeously sunny, and there is usually just a slight breeze. When we get up in the mornings, there is frost on the ground and snow on the mountains. Plus, all the aspens are turning this wonderful golden's gorgeous! The day after I last posted, it snowed! There was about 1/2 an inch of snow on the ground...cold but gorgeous! It has warmed up a tad and all the snow has melted, though. I don't mind! ;) The picture above is one I took from the top of the rappel rock. The sun was setting in the valley and the clouds parted for a brief moment. Can you believe this is something I get to see just about every day?
This picture above I took last Saturday morning from the lodge at Family Camp (looking down the valley towards youth camp). It was an absolutely gorgeous morning - I went for a walk and took some good pictures and then got to hang out with some friends over at family that I don't get to see all too often. Things here at camp are great - even though it is so tiring to continually work with 5th graders, it is so rewarding! I love teaching them not only the academic lessons we have to go with our activities, but I love sharing the love of the Lord with them and teaching them things about themselves and about teamwork. It's great!
Honestly, this weather just makes me soooo happy! I am so excited that for once in my life I am experiencing fall the way I have always imagined it. I love the cool, crisp air and I love the way the sun plays on the golden leaves. I love drinking hot chocolate in the evenings to warm yourself up (although apple cider would be better... ;) ). I love being all snuggly in warm clothes and under blankets when I go to bed. I love the sunlight pouring into windows and the cool breeze that comes in when you open those windows. SO GREAT! I am seriously going to miss Colorado. I am going to miss the weather and the scenery. I am going to miss all the people at Redcloud. I am going to miss the little town of Lake City that has been my home for almost 8 months. But God has lots of really great things in store for me that I am really excited about, so I should focus on those things more than on the sad things.

I am also super excited for Halloween! I don't think I am even doing anything, I just absolutely love the holiday. It's so fun! As you can tell by my current background, I am ready! My mom sent me some candy corn scented/flavored chapstick in the mail and I have carried it religiously in my pocket ever since, using it every chance I get. I love it! YAY FOR A REAL AUTUMN!!!!!!!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

why hello there fall!

well, i was hoping to incorporate some pictures into this post but for some reason it's just not working. so boo!

i really am trying to keep this up better, but time is just so hard to come by, and when i do get free time i like to do other things. however, i will try. really. this is me trying. right now.

fall weather has come and it is wonderful! it is nice and cool and crisp outside all the time. the only downer is that there is a lot of precipitation...and this tuesday as i am on the rappel rock it is supposed to rain and snow. yuck! but all the aspens are turning a beautiful golden color and it just finally feels like fall. it's the first time in my entire life that it has ever truly felt like fall. all my previous autumn seasons have been spent in texas with 80 and 90 degree temperatures. right now it is in the 50s here! woo! love it!

we have had 3 groups in so far this fall and the kids have been great! i forgot how little and how cute 5th graders are. they just have an enthusiasm that high schoolers totally lack. it's refreshing and exhausting at the same time.

i got to see trace bundy this past friday night and he was INCREDIBLE! a concert is a rare occurance in lake city so it was amazing that he came. he is one of the most talented guitarists EVER! seriously, check him out if you haven't already. plus, besides being a super talented musician, he is super hilarious!'s dinner time and i'm hungry. adios.
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