Thursday, 27 August 2009

staff training

is hard. not because it's all new or because there is so much information. in fact, it's hard for the exact polar opposite reasons. most of the stuff are things i have heard before and i have a really hard time paying attention and looking enthused. at the same time, some things are good to hear again - nice to have a little reminder of things that i should work harder at.

i really like most of the new oe staff. i really thought the age difference would be more of a problem (plenty of them just graduated high school...) but they are great! i especially love that they are musical. i mean, at least 3 of them know who chloe agnew is! AND they like her music! and then one of them introduced me to hayley westenra, who i absolutely love! speaking of music, one of my bffs, heather, recently introduced me to a band called owl city who i also cannot stop listening to (well, when i get the chance). and thanks to rache and andrew i now have an account with pandora (the online radio thing) and i can listen to whatever i want! it was fun going home and getting to hear lots of new great songs on the radio, but sad to not be able to listen to them much since moving back out into the wilderness that is redcloud.

but now it's time for a lovely lunch of sysco products which may or may not sit well with my stomach (so far, the food has not sat well with me at all since returning to camp) so we will leave it at that for now.

oh, and i miss risa.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

random thoughts because i am tired but trying...

  • spent a whole afternoon in a vehicle with a bunch of new OE staff on thursday. wasn't sure how i felt about them at first (apparently i have a hard time transitioning with relationships and such...) but they are great! and most of them are musical, so i am unbelievably excited about all the singing we are gonna do.
  • got moved into a CABIN. as in, INSIDE and...there is a bathroom inside that i can see FROM MY BED! so excited! it is nice, but so much quieter than sleeping outside. in fact, the silence seems really loud. i got to organize all my stuff and clean - 2 things which i absolutely love to do! i was so pumped! and it looks grrrreat!
  • saw g-force last night just because it was something to do and i wanted to get to the lovely little bitty lake city movie theater as much as possible before it closes for the fall. if you don't know, g-force is a movie about guinea pigs who are trained spies. it was a lot better than i thought it would be, and pretty stinkin' funny, too!
  • mandatory peak hike this morning. i was pretty bummed about having to wake up at 5 on a saturday morning to hike a mountain that i wasn't all that interested in climbing. but...i did get up and was able to put on a good face for the most part. i think after working 6 months solid on program (with kiddos) my body is just...tired. i have been a bit shaky the past 2 days and i don't know why exactly, but oh well. we ended up only making it to the saddle of redcloud, which was difficult for me because we could see the peak and it would have only been 1.5 hours more to get to the summit! i just don't like going that far and having to turn around. but most of the new staff were having issues adjusting to the altitude or were just plain hurting. when we got back to the van, becca realized that somehow the key fell off the carabiner and so she had to hitch-hike the 40ish minutes back to camp to get a spare key, then drive back to get us. but i took a nap on top of the van on the rack, and it was nice.
  • the aspens are already starting to turn and they look pretty. i am excited for yellow leaves! seas of gold on the mountains!
  • yesterday we played ultimate frisbee and volleyball at the park in lake city. it was a lot of fun! i realized maybe i am not as bad at ultimate as i thought. not great, but not horrible!
  • aaaaaaand right now i am really tired and can't think of anything else to say.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


so this past week i got to visit my home in sa. it was so good to see my family and my dog! it was a very eventful trip home in that i had something planned for almost every day. wednesday i took a trip out to camp eagle to visit with them. i had been planning on going for a visit for a while, but a few weeks ago i found out that they were opening up a new position and that my name had been brought up. so of course, i fill out the application and they send me the job description, etc. well, wednesday we actually got to talk in person, and it was good. i didn't want to get my hopes up though because i knew they were considering another person and unlike me, she did not already have commitments for the next 2 months. they told me they were going to talk about it and let me know in the next 2 weeks. so, the next day when i got a phone call from them i was pretty stinkin' excited! anne called me to tell me that they were officially offering me the position and that they were willing to wait until november for me to get there. God is so good in providing exactly what i need! not to mention, this is something i have wanted for a long time! i had wanted to work at camp eagle full time since last year (well, for longer, but i was only able to since last year) and God said "no" then. but i guess He was really just telling me to wait. so cool!

friday my mom, brother and i went to the beach. i was so excited, i had been waiting to go to the beach for a long time! i had really been looking forward to this day! we left around 8 that morning and i drove my mom's car to the beach. we got there and the weather was perfect! it was breezy and hot, the water was about 85 degrees (so warm, i know...), and it was super sunny. great day for the beach! the water was clear and turquoise and so pretty - it actually LOOKED like the gulf of mexico for once! i saw some really fun little sea creatures but i don't know what they were. things i had never seen before, though! once we left the beach we were going to snoopy's for dinner and got into an accident. the exit came too quickly and so we hit a curb and just kinda...lost it. we were all ok, but the wheel and axle were bent, and the wheel had almost popped off the ball-joint. the tow truck man (who came 2 hours after the accident...we spent a lot of time waiting on the side of the road...yay for harry potter!) said that at the speed we were going, if that wheel had popped off the ball joint (which it was sooo close to doing) we would have flipped and would have all been dead. just another thing that shows that God is good and He is looking out for us. He still has a purpose for us on this earth! we eventually did make it to snoopy's and we had to wait for my dad to drive from kerrville to come get us and take us home. we finally got home around 1:30 on saturday morning.

saturday and sunday i spent in college station with heather. it was great fun! it was good to get to see her again and just spend time with her. we also made the obligatory stops to layne's, chicken oil, pepe's, and shivers. so fun!

yesterday i flew back to co and i must confess, i am so glad for the climate change. of course i miss the people back home, but i am glad to be back in this state. so for now i am hanging out with rache and andrew and having a jolly good time. so great! we have played wii resort which is pretty stinkin fun, and went to see monsters vs. aliens last night, which is hilarious! tomorrow i return to camp, and i think i am ready. i miss the people there and i miss the beautiful mountain valley which i call home. i am looking forward to meeting the new people that i will be working with, but i will most definitely miss the wilderness guides.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

so long sweet summer

well, i have done an absolutely ABYSMAL job at keeping up with this blog the past, oh, 3.5 months! so sorry! this summer has been incredibly busy, hectic, crazy, tiring and amazing! and as of 9 this morning, my last group of campers is gone and i am now free!! i also felt that i should change the appearance of the blog, too. the picture at the top is one i took about a week and a half ago during a night/sunrise hike of handies peak. it was GORGEOUS.

i feel as if i should somehow try to condense this summer into a perfectly amusing and engaging yet not years long post so that anyone who still remembers that this blog exists will have a good picture of my life. i got to work with some awesome people this summer. for some reason, the transition from OE to wilderness was really difficult for me. the day after OE ended was the only day i had to move all my stuff and deep clean the cabin i had been living in before wilderness training started the next day. it was crazy! and meeting so many new people and getting thrown into working with them so suddenly was just a bit of a shock. at first i had a really hard time with them, but over the summer i came to realize that all my issues were caused by my own bad attitude and really had nothing to do with them at all. today, we have already said goodbye to 2 of our guides - khalena and christine. so sad! i would like to kinda describe each guide to everyone just so you know who i have been working with. khalena came in as a really quiet, shy girl at first...but she definitely has a great sense of humor and will make comments that come out of nowhere that knock you off your feet but make you laugh! she also has an unparallelled work ethic and has such a great attitude and a servant's heart. christine is an amazing flutist and just trusts God so easily. she constantly steps out in faith when He calls her to, even when she knows nothing. heidi is another person who i have never heard complain. she is always smiling and is a hard worker. she also has an uncanny knack for getting people to open up to her more than anyone else. risa has been my friend since march. she came to work OE again (i had not met her before but had heard a lot about her) and we just instantly clicked. we have done a lot of fun and crazy things together, and she is always willing to ask the hard questions that no one else wants to ask. she is leaving for oregon to go to law school in 2 days and i am really sad she is leaving but super excited for her! then there is joy, whose name fits her quite well. she is a lot of fun to be around and she calls me out when i need to be held accountable for something. she is staying around this fall to work in the coffee shop here at camp, so i will still get to see her and i am really excited about that! ryan is another guide whom i met in march. we didn't hit it off well at first, but i have found this summer that getting along with him is actually quite effortless. he is really funny and awkward and has a super fun girlfriend who came to visit earlier this summer and i wish she had stayed. adam is a very thoughtful and considerate person, and really enjoys theological discussions. he has made me take care of myself this summer when i wouldn't have done it on my own. nick has also had my back this whole summer, looking out for me and checking up on me. he is hilarious and has this energy and excitement about life and people that is very rare and refreshing. steve is funny and is a great leader. he is very trustworthy and knows his stuff! chris is also absolutely hilarious and is always making me laugh. but along with his funny side, he is very considerate of people and cares about them. so those are the guides i got to work with, and they are so great!

this summer has been really challenging but so rewarding at the same time. the first backpacking trip that i led this summer was on a route called the "ninja route" because of its technicality. it was hard but a lot of fun! we had to use ropes to climb some 4th and 5th class rocks (keep in mind we have on full packs), we had to rope together on a cliff, use ice axes to climb snow fields, dig holes in the snow for tents on a ledge, etc. it was a great trip but it was crazy! we encountered 2 blizzards that week (middle of JUNE, mine you!) and it was cold! but the kids were great and it was a great week to start off with. i got to do a lot of basecamps this summer, which means we didn't hit the trail those weeks. monday is low ropes, tuesday is rock climbing day, wednesday is peak hike day (3:30 wake up! woo!!!), and thursday is white water rafting. so that is what a basecamp looks like. i did get sick right before the 4th of july and spend almost a full week in the infirmiry in quarantine, so that was not my favorite time of the summer, but not horrible.

this past week was the last week of wilderness, and it was a wonderful week to end on. i was supposed to be guiding a backpack trip with ryan, but when the group got here, we found that the one boy camper who was going to come had dropped out last minute and so the only campers were 2 girls! so, i ended up working with heidi instead, and we had an all-girls backpack trip. it was so fun! the first night on trail the moon was almost full and the sky was clear and beautiful. the coyotes most definitely agreed because they were howling all around our campsite (we camped in a meadow above treeline in the mountains by a lake...gorgeous!). the next day we woke up and started hiking around 8. we hiked half peak (13,841 ft.) which is actually pretty technical and there is a knife ridge (thin ridge with sheer cliff drop-offs on either side of you) that you have to cross to get to the peak. our girls did great, however, and we peaked just before 11 am! we had lunch and took a nap and then took a lot of fun pictures at the top, as well. we made it back down and got into our tent just in time for a massive hail, wind, lightning, thunder storm to hit and stay for several hours! it was kinda scary but kinda fun, too! the girls were wonderful - great attitudes, lots of fun, troopers, and just everything great!!!

i am really excited because this evening my cousin and his wife and kids are coming to camp - jeremy is going to be the speaker at adventure this week and so i am really excited to get to see them! there is just a lot of great stuff going on right now and i am so excited about it all!

well, i have thoroughly succeeded in writing a miniature novel and i suppose next time i write, it will be considerably shorter since i plan NOT to wait for another 3.5 months before i update this thing again. hey, let me know if you still read this thing, btw. k thx bai!
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