Saturday, 31 December 2011

Lessons Learned in PA

We are back!  Hooray!  Matt and I returned from our Christmas trip to Pennsylvania yesterday and I must say, I have had enough of planes and airports to last me for a while!! :)

This was definitely a different Christmas for me for many reasons.  It was my first Christmas away from my family, and that was really hard for me.  Christmas in my family drips with tradition and togetherness, and Matt's family does Christmas very differently.

I learned quite a few things during our stay in PA, too. 

Like I'm a really selfish person.  And Matt is a much better person than I am. 

And living in Colorado that one year made me not mind cold as much.

I learned that Amish people make tasty things, use electricity, and shop at Lowe's (Matt pretty much had to physically restrain me so that I would not follow an Amish man with an epic beard and fantastic hat around the store).

I learned that people up north will think you are crazy if you bring them Mexican candies as part of their gift...which leads to the fact that I learned that Mexican culture has been much more influential on me than I ever imagined.  I can't tell you how many times I've tried to play Spanish words on "Words with Friends" and can't understand why it won't accept them.

Oh.  And I learned that I absolutely love the Hunger Games.  I loaded lots of books onto my new kindle (!!) before the trip, and made the mistake of reading the Hunger Games first.  I haven't even attempted reading another book, because all I can think about is getting my hands on the second book in the series.  The good news is that I teach middle school kids, and it shouldn't be that hard to convince one of them to let me borrow it.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Mission: Skinny Jeans

Today I went to Ross on a mission.  I was going to find me some skinny jeans.

You see, I have this problem.  I hate shopping.  It's just not fun for me.  It makes me really tired.  I'm also very...frugal.  So if I don't NEED something, I don't go shopping.  This also creates a problem.  Because I run out of clothes that fit or are fashionable and appropriate for work all at the same time.  So then I begin to panic because OH MY GOSH I HAVE NO CLOTHES AND I LOOK LIKE A TOTAL SLOB WHO WILL ONE DAY OWN MORE CATS THAN CLOTHES!!  So then I binge.  I go shop, and I binge.  I see cute things.  I like cute things.  I buy cute things.  And then I feel very guilty about the money I just spent - never mind the fact that it has been at least 2 years since the last time I actually bought any clothes.  But then I like my cute clothes, and after I almost always return a few things, I feel much better.  Until another year or so rolls around, and the cycle continues.  Also - the word "so" pops up way too many times in this paragraph.

Back to the skinny jeans.  I found some really cute boots, which is also quite a feat for me as a girl with big, muscular legs...because usually all the cute boots won't go over my manly calves.  I have been wearing the boots with a sweater dress and tights, but you can only wear one outfit so many times.  I wanted to be able to wear these boots with some jeans!  Unfortunately, the one pair of skinny jeans I've ever owned were too big on me 10 pounds ago and made a trip to Goodwill a month ago.  So today, Ross and I were going to cooperate (and stars were going to align and pigs were going to fly) and I was going to find some great skinny jeans!

When I went to the dressing room, I had a bit of trouble with my coordination skills.  It's really hit or miss with those, and today was definitely a "miss" day.  I dropped my number and it slid under the divider to the stall next to me.  Not two minutes later, in trying to get my sandal off my foot, I launched it (I'm not kidding - it flew.  It was in the air.) under the divider into the same stall.  I am sure the woman next door thought I was either a complete weirdo or a total mess, and I was trying my hardest not to collapse into a fit of giggles.

Thankfully, it was not a "miss" day when it came to finding the perfect skinny jeans.  I bought 3 pairs and some black leggings with lace at the bottom for less than $50.  I'll probably return at least one pair, but it was a good deal, and I'm happy to have found what I was looking for without too much trouble.  Other than waiting in the checkout line for an hour because their systems crashed.  But I'm not actually going to talk about that.  Instead, I'm going to write a formal complaint to Ross. 


Mission skinny jeans accomplished!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Diving into Astanga...again

So I did make it to yoga yesterday.  I honestly am not sure if I really would have made it, were it not for accidentally booking myself for the class online.  The website for the studio is very different from when I last visited it, oh, 5 months ago, and so I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing.  The next thing you know, I was signed up for the Astanga class from 9:30-11:00.  Even though it had been so long since I had last attempted anything slightly resembling yoga, I clearly thought that a one and a half hour class was a fantastic idea.  Jump right back in, all or nothing!  Go big or go home!  I ate too many cookies yesterday!

So I put on my now baggy yoga pants (losing 10 pounds will do that to you, I suppose), a yoga tank, a fleece jacket, and made my way down to the studio.  As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the unique scent of the yoga studio.  It's like a mixture of a light incense and a hint of floral.  Immediately, I was overcome with feelings of nostalgia.  I mean, the last time I had entered this studio I had no job and no plans.  I began thinking about how different things are now and how far we have come.  And then the class started.

I have not come so far in my yoga skills.  Mostly because I have not given the time of day to my yoga skills since school started.  I threw myself in with reckless abandon, determined to not be outdone by the seasoned yoga-ers in the class.  I must say, for having not done yoga for so long, I did pretty well.  I'm not as flexible as I was last summer, but I sure as heck have a good sense of balance.  And I'm stubbornly determined to do well at everything.  I kept up really well with most of them, and was still able to do many of the more "complicated" or "advanced" poses.  I was surprised to find that I did not sweat near as much this time as I have in the past.  I was actually even a little disappointed about that.  Weird, I know.

Skip to this morning.  I am incredibly le ouch le sore.  I'm no idiot - I know that Astanga yoga is endurance and strength building.  I expected to be a little sore today.  I did not expect enough though - I am a lot sore.  But it's the good kind of sore.  The kind of sore that I haven't been in ages.  I am reminded of muscles that I had forgotten existed.  That's always good.

I don't think I'll be working out today - I'll let my muscles recover.  I'm often more sore 2 days after the actual workout, but I think I might see if I can make it back to yoga again tomorrow.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Trivial Fluff

It's the first official day of Christmas break for me, and guess what time I got up?  6:20.  Guess what time I actually woke up?  5:00.  I tell ya, sleeping in is really hard when the other person who also sleeps in your room gets up for work.  Once I wake up, I'm mostly awake.  So here I sit, trying to figure out what I am going to do with this first week of vacation.

We have had internet for the past 2 or 3 weeks, and it has been glorious!  I didn't realize how much I missed it.  I've lived without internet before, but when your job takes up most of your time at home, and said job also requires frequent use of the internet, it's a bit more difficult to go without.  Matt and I have been in a Netflix coma for a good portion of the past several weeks, as well.

So if we've had internet for a couple weeks now, why have I not written?  It's complicated.  School literally consumes my life - most of the time Matt takes care of the cooking because I get home from school and continue to work until bed time.  I think one other good reason is that blogging is no longer a habit for me.  I've had to prioritize, and my blog fell to the bottom of the list.  When you are struggling to find the time to take care of yourself and your marriage, your blog suddenly becomes trivial fluff.

Having not blogged in a while, I'm actually a tad unsure of what to even write about.  It's not that nothing has gone on (au contraire!).  It's more much goes on all the time that I really don't have the time or mental capacity to process it all.  Sounds fun, no?  So I'm just going to start typing without a plan (which may be very dangerous) and see where we end up.

I am still loving my job despite the emotional and mental demands.  I love teaching middle school - I would so much rather deal with attitude and teenage angst than tattling, crying, and whining.  The kids continuously make me laugh, oftentimes without even meaning to.  Teaching science is a ton of fun, even if it is a ton of work.  I mean, let's be honest.  What other job would allow me to burn things over and over again and create cracker poop in a bag (one of the funniest days to date!)?  When we come back from the break, we are going to start two of my very favorite units - astronomy (8th grade) and heredity (7th grade).  Stars and punnet squares...yippee!!!

This past week was a very easy and laid-back week - I left school by 4 every single day (something that has not happened since in-service week before school started!)!  Because I teach at a private Christian school, the church Christmas program is something my students are required to participate in.  This past week there were many rehearsals, all of which took up my class time.  So I only had 7th grade Tues-Thurs, and I had 8th grade on Wed&Thurs.  Friday was a half-day, which was occupied completely by Christmas parties.  Like I said - easy week!  My kids surprised me with more gifts than I would ever expect or even anticipate, but my favorite part of that was not so much the gift itself, but the cards many of them included with their gift.  Not all of them wrote personal cards, but the ones that did were really sweet and made me feel good about my class.  I really like my students.

Zumba is on hiatus for a month, which is unfortunate.  I mean, if there is any month that we really need to be exercising, it's this one!  If you could see the abundance of breads, cookies, and holiday treats on my counter, you would agree wholeheartedly.  In the meantime, I'm hoping to go to yoga...we'll see how that pans out.

I honestly can't think of anything else to include in this post, but I can think of some things I need to do.  So on that note, au revoir!
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