Who Am I?

That's a question that I am still pondering, exploring, and ultimately hoping to confidently answer in the near future.

I married the man of my dreams last year and am enjoying that crazy ride!  We lived and worked at a camp that we loved in the heart of the Texas Hill Country until December 1st when we were told that we no longer had jobs or a home.  We continue to live in Texas, but are still searching for our new home and what God has next for us.

As far as just me, though?  I'm an avid lover of music, song, dance, and literature.  I love the sunshine, and when it rains, I pretend I'm in England.  I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh.  I firmly believe that Jesus is the only way to get to the one true God and am more than willing to answer any questions that anyone might have.

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